Scandinavia is by fare the most coffee consuming market per capita as Sweden. Finland, Norway and Denmark are all within the Top 10 of the most coffee drinking markets. This means that we have a mature and quality driven market, mature supply chains but also that we are looking for best quality and organically grown coffee. The very best organic coffee can be found in Africa and we want to help to grow more African Fine Coffee in the Scandinavian market.

We have been travelling in Africa meeting both larger companies, small businesses and individuel farmers that create excellent coffee. There is quality but also challenges. For example in East Africa there are many cooperatives but even a large cooperate of 1000 farmers can many times not produce the large volumes of coffee the larger buyers from Scandinavia are expecting. In averages families only owns around 300-500 coffee trees and there is big need for agricultural development. Most of the coffee trees are old and do not produce as much coffee beans as they could.

Beans are collected, washed, sorted and distributed from many washing stations but only a small amount of then are working with full capacity and fare from all are fair trade certified. There are larger size coffee companies but they mainly sell to other larger middle men before coffee can reach the stores and consumers in Europe. Sweden alone import 100.000 metric tons per year and that is more than East Africa can produce now (please observe most coffee in Sweden are still standard coffee and East Africa try to focus on African Fine Coffee).

Most of the standard coffee Sweden import are from Brazil and Vietnam but also large volume from other Latin American markets and from Ethiopia. The opportunity is to develop existing washing stations and also to create new washing stations to organize more groups of coffee farmers, train them on ecological practices, coffee harvesting and post-harvest technologies and to meet coffee sustainability standards requirement and therefore get a better price to find new exciting partners through us to offer the world's best coffee (in our opinion) to Sweden and Scandinavia.

Our focus is sustainablity, besides ecologically grown produce. We only want to work with fair traded coffee, where we work with both the development of business and agriculture. We achieve our goals by not only offer minimum prices to our partners in Africa but also a premium so there are financial ability for us to invest in our partners operations and growth. Organic coffee means that our coffee is grown without chemical pesticides and too much fertilizer. We want our partners through its sustainable coffee production takes maximum attention to the environment and human rights as check back for information or contact. We want to offer our customers in Europe the very best organix and fair traded coffee possible.

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