Our goal is to create a Agricultural Consulting and Trading Company with many trading houses in Africa. We want to create a trading and business development company that want to offer European customers "green" and sustainable products from Africa with a fair trade perspective. We recognized that consumers in Europe are interested in product quality, and environmentally sustainable business. We want to meet that customer interest by offer new and green products from new markets. When you see the Green Leaf logo you can trust we are focusing on sustainable and fair traded products and our sustainability policy involves:

• That we respect human rights
• That we show concern for the environment and working conditions
• That we reject corruption, bribery and corruption
• To comply with laws and regulations
• We always follow best possible life choices in our daily activities.,
• Our company strategy is to be imbued with good values, ethics, and sustainability issues.
• That we invest in our business partners as part of building a better community.


Respect - We show respect for each other in all relationships with our partners, customers and internally against our colleagues. All employees should be treated equally regardless of gender, age and background. Discrimination must not and shall be not allowed inside our organization and business relationships.

Collaboration - We are committed to working with partners, suppliers and customers with both ethics and sustainability issues. We want to stimulate dialogue that drives the business forward without losing a sustainability ambition. We believe a good sustainability ambition strengthens our and our clients' brand. Sustainabilty is part of Green Leaf business model.

Purchases - We do not aim to always buy the cheapest, but the best but also from a sustainability perspective. We buy only as required and always choose to try to reuse, repair materials and equipment prior to new purchases. We choose the first eco-friendly and / or fair trade products and services, and communicate our sustainability policy to our suppliers and partners.

Energy - If we can influence this, we use mainly renewable energy. We strive for a low energy consumption through our selection of computer, office, lighting and other things that require energy / electricity. We ask our suppliers to only use materials that are environmentally and / or fair trade as part of our purchase / sustainable's policy.

Travels - For our mission, we choose mostly less environmentally damaging modes of transport such as bus and train journeys. In the selection of new cars and taxis, we choose mostly green cars.

Waste - We recycle and recycle all waste from our offices oh activities. We bill and communicate primarily electronically with customers and suppliers.

Monitoring - Our sustainability policy is reviewed annually by the management team with the intention to always improve our operations and minimize environmental impact. Sustainability issues will be integrated into the business and in the current responsibilities.

Responsibility - It is the CEO of the company that has a comprehensive sustainability responsibilities with it otherwise is our common responsibility to pursue it in everyday life.

Contact us to develop Ecological and Sustainable business, contact us by e-mail sales@greenleaf.se.