Most people enjoy flowers but we here Scandinavia cannot grow fresh flowers and plants all the month of the year. There are good access to summer flowers but for flowers and special plants in the colder months we need to import much of what is sold by Scandinavian retailers. Many of the flowers that consumers buy at the florists today are produced in countries in Asia, Africa and Latin Americ. In many of these countries is the flower production is one of the most important individual industries and employs a large number of people.

Netherlands control much of the flower trade in Europe, the Dutch horticulture sector is a dominant force in the flower industry and the market leader in flowers, plants, and other reproductive material. Many companies from Netherlands are doing good projects in Africa but there are room for more direct trade with farmers and retailers. Consumers and retailers/florists are both quailty awared but prefer to buy fair traded flowers only. Our focus is sustainablity, besides ecologically grown products and that include flower and plants also.

We only want to work with fair trade flowers, where we work with both the development of business and agriculture. We achieve our goals by not only offer minimum prices to our partners in Africa but also a premium so there are financial ability for us to invest in our partners operations and growth. We only want to work with organically grown and fair traded flowers and plants without chemical pesticides and too much fertilizer.

We want our partners through its sustainable flowers and plant productions takes maximum attention to the environment and human rights as they grow their business with us. We want to offer our customers in Europe the very best organic and fair traded flowers as possible.

For more information about African grown flowers, contact our e-mail sales@greenleaf.se.