There is alot of good vegetable to be found in Africa, but we also grow alot in Scandinavia. We are not focusing in vegetable that is easty to grow and find locally, this is not part of our sustainable approach. Chard (Mangold) is a leafy green vegetable that is found in both African and Mediterranean cooking. Leaf stalks are large and are often prepared separately from the leaf blade. This is a vegetable you can find in many places in Africa and we believe this and many others are very suitable for direct trade with customers in Europe.

The logistic solutions have to improve as we need to move the product faster from ground to plate, but we also want to focus on organic farmed chard and that is not the case everywhere in Africa. There are many organic farmed vegetable that we can find in Africa but exactly what we will work with depend both on customers in Europe and farmers where we establish.


Tomato is not a vegetable but a fruit if we should believe the Oxford dictionary. There are many farmers that grow tomato but the price of tomato depends on weather, especially rain so the price for fresh tomatoes vary according to the weather seasons. Most farmers in Africa grow tomatoes during the rainy season, which creates increased production but also low prices. Problem with growing in wet weather is also that accelerates rotting or bio-deterioration is a big problem, the tomato become bad before reaching any customer.

We want to help creating more direct trade with tomatos but also many other fruits. We see the need for regional value added food production for tomato, mango and other fruits. First they need to reach customer faster but we also need to help create new food products like tomato pure (as an example). We are working with farmers and small business in Africa and most totomato are harvested by hand, but need to move from tree to plate faster. The quality is good and we hope to create more food processing but also direct trade with tomato from Africa to Europe.

If we are interested in organic and hopefully soon fair traded tomato, dont hesitate contact us and we can tell you more about what we do within tomato and fruit today.

Mango is a wonderful tasty fruit that we cannot really grow in Northern Europe so we have to import it. We can eat it fresh and we use it for ice cream, juices, deserts or eat it dry as a healthy snack. In many places in Africa you can find mango but the problem is you can find it to easily os it is difficult to create a local market where you can sell other customers locally. Also, small farmers, often women farmers dont have market access to larger market or international customers. These farmers cannot find customers and a local market for their fruit and harvest.

The reason for that is that most families already have mango trees and donít need to buy more. In Scandinavia we eat a lot of fruit and we import most of it. Besides that there are potential markets for mango in ice cream, create different mango juices or other nutritious drink for health conscious consumers. We see good business opportunity to help farmers by market access and business know-how and experience. Like tomato also mango need to reach customers faster but there is also a need for local value added food production. We want to help more farmers find a new market for mango and other fruits and we also want to create better value added food productions in the markets where we chose to work.

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