Welcome to the Green Leaf Trading project. Africa has an economic momentum and the consumer market are growing fast in many countries. The agricultural sector is very important and a big part of most countries GDP. These countries could grow even faster with better market access to Europe, USA and parts of Asia.

We want to create a Agricultural Trading but also Consulting Company in Africa focusing on more direct and fair trade between farmers and producers in Africa and customers in Europe. We also want to focus on sustainable business practises and ecological food products. This will involve traditional business development but also agrucultural development along with assisting process and packing industries to establish and grow in key markets in Africa.

Part of our Green Leaf business model is to have agronomists with a business mind helping partners and farmers with modern farming practices and business management but also assist with the expensive certification work of organic farming and fair trade. We know this is important to consumers in Europe but we also need to show the benefits for farmers on the ground in Africa. We want to offer training to our partners to acquire better skills and innovative ideas for modern farming and food processing.

We know consumers in Europe are interested in product quality, fair trade and environmentally sustainable business and are prepared to pay a premium for fair traded and ecological products. Sustainable business and fair trade is about creating a new way of doing business, creating access to markets and opportunities for people who live in other parts of the world besides Northern Europe. It is also about quality of life, quality of doing business and develop local communities. We want to meet customer interest in ecological products by offering a range of products that is not naturally grown in Northern Europe. We also understand customers in Europe need good stable supply chains that can meet both quality and volume demand. To be able to meet their demand we do see the need for business and agricultural development but also coordinating companies and cooperatives as partners for export business from Africa to Europe.

We want to help develop that "green" and sustainable business and close some of the market gap between producers and consumers. We believe that many farmers and small business should collaborate and interact more, but we also want to help them establish and grow in new markets. We believe in networking, cooperations and cluster in all its forms. We have therefore a strategy to established several Trading Houses with Logistical and Distribution Centers in Africa that also work activly with business and agricultural development in Africa. These Trading Houses will work closely with sales office in Europe to offer the very best of Africa to Europe.

We welcome your inquiry, if you want to experience the very best from Africa. Send your inquiry to sales@greenleaf.se.