We are busy developing the project Green Leaf Trading and are seeking both partners and investors to help create a Agricultural Consulting and Trading Company in Africa to develop both the agricultural sector and create more trade with agricultural products from Africa to Europe.

We see this as a Public Private Partnership (PPP) and hope we will find partners from the private sector, from producers and farmers or their representatives (Farmers Association) and from Governments as we see our work as a public service that can develop the agricultural sector and many communities but also increase tourism from Europe to Africa, especially Community Tourism where people both like an adventure but also like to see where products are made they consume in Europe.

Exactly where we will establish our pilot will depend on partners, investors and what kind of feedback we get from the market.

For further information aboout Green Leaf Trading;

Green Leaf Trading
c/o B-Open Nordic AB
Munkforsplan 37
123 47 Farsta, Sweden
Tel +46-8-7715566